Important Editing Services Update/LIFE Update

So, I know I said I was going to start offering editing services for writers starting in January. Wanna know what I was doing in January instead?

Cramming for Algebra.

So, I’m terribly sorry. But in getting ready to go to college, I didn’t realize how much work was actually going to go into that. Every second of the past few months has been booked solid. I’d still very much like to balance everything enough to offer editing, but that’s going to have to go to the back burner for a little while. However, for the purpose of future decision making, I’d really like to know if any of you would be interested in having your work edited. So PLEASE drop a quick note in the comments. (Short stories, novellas, essays, formal writing, etc.)

And for a slight life update . . . I was accepted into the college I wanted to get into.  😁 😁 

BUT I am not going to divulge any more than that, because I still want to put the announcement/details into a vlog. So be patient – I’ll get it to you all as soon as possible! (Or just go follow me on Instagram for all the details.)

So I won’t be taking down the editing services page, but there will be a note posted that it is not yet available. Again, leave a note in the comments, as it may help me figure out exactly when I should start offering this.

Write on! (And happy Valentine’s day. <3)


Published by Hannah Gaudette

Hannah Gaudette is a home-school graduate living in the hills of New England. When she’s not writing or playing with the dogs, it’s a safe bet you can find her with some other animal, like goats. She is the founder of a sustainable agriculture movement called STEWARDSHIP in central Maine. She's a life-enthusiast and advocate for food allergy awareness, youth ministry, and service dogs.

2 thoughts on “Important Editing Services Update/LIFE Update

  1. Congratulations! I am going to be journaling – paper style – blog and ebook – Lamplighter Homesteads new roads traveled soon. I would love to have you edit it!


  2. I have a novella/novel that I would sometime love to get edited (its a western)… but it’s not finished yet. I too am booked until… summer I guess? And that is when I’m planning to finish it. But before then I do want to find someone to alpha-read sections of it. Idk.

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