Talia has lived her whole life in the mountains, sheltered from the conflicts raging in her world. But when the flatlanders’ intolerance of her family’s faith in Adonai is brought to their doorstep, they are thrust into a struggle against the king’s “reformation” efforts, which are designed to change their beliefs through any means necessary.

The son of a reformer, Owen was assigned as a spy to the mountains and was partly responsible for the arrest of Talia’s family. But this has never been a simple job for him. Family ties and a secret he swore to protect connect him to the Followers’ plight. The responsibility he feels towards Talia is dangerous; it could get him killed. But does he have a choice?

Talia watches a young reformer struggle to find where his loyalties lie. Owen witnesses the breaking of a young woman’s faith. And the stakes are higher than either of them imagined.

Coming Soon:

Fate of a Prince – YA fantasy coming in 2023

Destiny of a King – Sequel to Fate of a Prince coming in 2023

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