Warning: You’ve discovered the blog of a writer, which means things are bound to get a little interesting. Proceed at your own risk, and only if you tolerate cats, because you’ve also discovered the blog of an insane cat-person.

~ ~ ~

I began writing at the age of eight, penning a story in a beat-up notebook about five or six kids who were stranded on a little island overnight. Did it win awards and get me famous? He, he – no. It did nothing except gather dust on my shelf and propel a confidence boost for me to dabble in the craft until the age of ten, when, still writing wretchedly, I became far more serious.

A lot has changed since I started writing. For one, I’ve discovered writing isn’t my only passion. I’m an avowed Jesus-freak and totally engrossed goat-herdess. What, you’ve never had goats? Don’t know what I’m talking about? Check out this blog post for a taste of life on the farm.

At present, I am part of Faithwriters, an online network of Christian authors. I highly encourage you, if you or someone you know is testing the waters of writing, to get involved with this program today. Nothing has challenged and improved my writing over the last several years as Faithwriters has, and those who pour themselves out to make it possible.

Since I totally can’t write a bio, let’s break it down a little.

Me loves cats, apple cider, autumn, cats, writing, reading, cats, NaNoWriMo, more writing, more reading, more cats, farm life, kids, Jesus. (Not in that order.)

Me does not love dogs that chase cats, the city, horror books, writing the second draft, weeding the garden.

Yeah, I know. I’m ordinary. But what counts is that my writing can shine a light, give my readers adventure and hope. Leave this blog blessed today, and then go help a stray cat in need.

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