winter road

I began writing at the age of eight, penning a story in a beat up notebook about five or six kids who were stranded on a little island overnight. Well . . . that didn’t exactly win any prizes, but it did ensure a confidence boost to carry me over the next two years of dabbling in words until, at the age of ten, I became far more serious about the writing craft.

Today I am eagerly working towards the release of my debut novel, One Light Shining, a portal fantasy geared toward teens and young adults. Currently in the editing process, I am eyeing a winter, 2017 release.

It is my avowed hope and passion to one day be actively editing the work of other indie authors and wannabe writers, and to be teaching people about this incredible art, otherwise known as writing.

At present, I am part of Faithwriters, an online network of Christian authors. I highly encourage you, if you or someone you know is testing the waters of writing, to get involved with this program today. Nothing has challenged and improved my writing over the last several years as Faithwriters has, and those who pour themselves out to make it possible.