Important Editing Services Update/LIFE Update

So, I know I said I was going to start offering editing services for writers starting in January. Wanna know what I was doing in January instead? Cramming for Algebra. So, I’m terribly sorry. But in getting ready to go to college, I didn’t realize how much work was actually going to go into that.Continue reading “Important Editing Services Update/LIFE Update”

You Probably Noticed the Blog Makeover . . . Here’s What’s Up

So you might have noticed there’s a totally new look on the blog, and I want to tell you guys a bit about what’s going on. *takes time she doesn’t have out of her day to write this post* Okay, life-hack alert: When you’re getting ready to go to college, it’s a good idea toContinue reading “You Probably Noticed the Blog Makeover . . . Here’s What’s Up”

I’m Alive! Let’s Recap . . . (And a writing update!)

Yeaaaah . . . *hides guiltily* I am still alive. But my lack of blogging on both of my blogs might suggest otherwise. What can I say? It’s been an insane month or so. Let’s recap a little. The weather. Blustery winds – gale is more like it – accompanied by freezing temps, snow storms literally everyContinue reading “I’m Alive! Let’s Recap . . . (And a writing update!)”

Goodbye, 2018

Goodbye, 2018. It’s hard to believe it’s over. Personally, it was a difficult year. There were a lot of changes. Good ones, I think. None happened overnight. More like agonizingly slowly. So I’m not sure whether to look at 2019 with hope or caution. Because things are still changing, and it’s always a battle betweenContinue reading “Goodbye, 2018”

Highlights and Goals – July, 2018

I haven’t done a Highlights and Goals post in eons (however long that is), and now seemed an appropriate time, since I am WWAAYY behind in blogging and, um, I was running out of ideas. 😉 So, let’s dive right in, folks. June highlights! The biggest highlight of June was bringing home our little puppy Phoenix. IContinue reading “Highlights and Goals – July, 2018”

I Have Finished the Book (a book update)

So I mentioned in the last post that there was an unplanned project that came into existence – don’t you love how they do that? – in January. I had temporarily put my portal fantasy novel on the back burner to give myself some breathing space, so I had time to write something new. AndContinue reading “I Have Finished the Book (a book update)”

2018 – Highlights and Goals

Yes, and everyone and their cat is writing a greeting to 2018, so here’s another one. (What do you mean you’re getting sick of them?) 🙂 Well, what happened in 2017? Oh, so many things. Some good. Some bad. Some fun. Some a little scary. You know how it goes. But there are a coupleContinue reading “2018 – Highlights and Goals”

Highlights and Goals – September

So, of course, school has thrown blogging WAAAY off schedule, but I’m back. *sheepish grin* Okay, so let’s just move on and look at August’s highlights: Read James Rubart’s Book of Days. Oh . . . wow . . . just . . . wow . . . Did a ton of tomato canning with my mom.Continue reading “Highlights and Goals – September”

Highlights and Goals – August 2017

Here it ’tis! August! The garden harvest is in full swing, as we are picking beans on a daily basis and the corn is just ’round the corner. But I’m squeezing in time for a tad neglected blog – *wince* – and guess what? This blog is getting a makeover sometime in the month ofContinue reading “Highlights and Goals – August 2017”