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Highlights and Goals – July 2017

Unbelievable. It’s here. The half-way-ish mark of 2017. Is that just crazy or what? The year is more than half done? Wow . . .  Aliens, I’m tellin’ ya. They’re messing with us. Okay, it is also time for another … Continue reading

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Highlights and Goals – June

It’s June. June 3rd. Like, seriously? What alien forces are messing with earth’s precious calendar this time? Anyhow, it’s time for a highlights and goals post on this blog. If you’re a newbie, that’s just what we do in the beginning of … Continue reading

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It’s May – so What’s Next?

It’s May. I’ve finished the first draft of my book. So . . . what’s next? As it seems from everything I’ve seen online lately, everyone and their brother’s pet lemur has been posting about goals and such for May. … Continue reading

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