New Novel News! WIP Update #1

Guys, I am SO excited for today’s post. I’ve been wanting to announce this since before I released Promised Land, but PL had to be center stage for a while, so I waited.

After, like, two years of not writing anything of any value . . . I’m writing a new book.

*cue angel chorus*

And I am SO psyched to share it with you guys.

  1. What was the inspiration for the novel?
    I’m actually surprised I can answer this, because I have no memory of the original inspiration for Promised Land. For this book, however, I can tell you exactly where the idea came from. I was listening to Christmas music a couple months ago, and Chris Tomlin’s Forevermore came on. Only half-listening to the words, I heard the line “This baby born for sacrifice . . .” *mind-blown moment* I had the gist of the story almost instantly in my head.

    I can also say I garnered some ideas from Merlin for one of the main characters.
  2. Tell us in three sentences what the book is about.
    In a world controlled by four immortal sorcerers, an infant prince is chosen to be part of the ritual sacrifice demanded by the enchanters. Years later, he learns of his impending fate for the first time, only with an unlikely ally at his side: a young sorcerer named Ky, who is unwilling to accept his friend’s fate.
  3. Describe the main characters, their strengths/weaknesses, etc.
    Lance Tala, soon to be king, is a dedicated, sincere person with a lot of compassion. His is trusting (perhaps too trusting) and determined. After learning of his “fate”, he is thrown for a major emotional loop.

    Kyden is probably my fave. He is restless, reckless, disillusioned with the world, but carries a burden and a backstory that haunts him everywhere he goes. He is also a passionate and fiercely loyal individual, something that you don’t necessarily pick up on immediately, but it becomes an integral part of his story.
  4. What is something that surprised you while writing?
    While I was outlining/starting to write, I realized there were some beautiful (and unintended) allegorical themes. I don’t want to give away too much, but the elements of sacrifice, honor, and duty are close to my heart and very present in this story.
  5. Planning or pantsing?
    Planning. Like mad. I wrote, like, three or four pages of an outline before I even tried to start writing the book.
  6. What stage are you at now?
    I’m about 25,000 words in. Fingers crossed. 😉 No title yet, though, and it’s driving me crazy. 🤨
  7. Share an aesthetic and one snippet.
Images from Pinterest. No copyright infringement intended.

After tonight, Kyden could be miles away from Dorvan and it wouldn’t matter at all. His mother would be free from his step-father. He could even go home if he so desired. What was wrong with that?

But no matter how he tried to convince himself otherwise, one thing was certain – he would have to live with his role in what happened tonight for the rest of his life.

Unlike Promised Land, this book is in third person (multiple, NOT omniscient), which is fun for me. I also have several songs I’ve been listening to for inspiration. I’ll share one here:

I’ll share another one in our next WIP update. 🙂

What are you working on? Writing? Editing? Let’s chat!


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