What They Never Taught You About Hyphens

Hyphens carry a deep dark secret you were never taught. Brain: Ahem. You mean you were never taught. Hush. Yes, I was never taught when NOT to use hyphens. I only learned the secret while tutoring my sixth-grade cousin. As you already know, you use hyphens for situations like this: The blue-black sky lit upContinue reading “What They Never Taught You About Hyphens”

How to Format Your Book for Self-Publishing (part one)

Ah, you’ve arrived to it at last. The thrilling portion of self-publishing known as formatting. The delight of all writers, the zenith of our craft (or our patience *cough*). Okay, formatting is, like, the bane of self-publishing. Seriously. And it must be undertaken with a thorough knowledge of proper formatting. I am not going toContinue reading “How to Format Your Book for Self-Publishing (part one)”