The Audacity of Writing

WRITING: verb. The exhausting process of exercising your brain until it melts into puddles of incoherent ramblings. Who would ever want to be a writer? Writing is a creative outlet, just like art or digital editing or videography. And like any good creative outlet, it stretches your brain. A lot. But, warning, writing comes withContinue reading “The Audacity of Writing”

The Day I Started Writing . . . (plus a surprise!)

Do I remember the exact day I started writing? Of course, not. 😉 Probably because I was so young and I “started” by dictating nonsensical stories to my parents for them to write down until their fingers fell off (not literally). But I do remember the first “book” that I wrote. My cousin was overContinue reading “The Day I Started Writing . . . (plus a surprise!)”

Why I Write Fantasy

Every writer has their favorite genre. We all have strengths and weaknesses in our craft. Those weaknesses are not to be ashamed of, because every author brings something new (and necessary) to the table. So, why fantasy? I’ve been asking myself this question lately. Because I love other genres, as well, like historical fiction andContinue reading “Why I Write Fantasy”

How to Successfully Write About “Destiny”

Let’s talk about destiny. While watching Merlin recently, I noticed how prevalent the idea of “destiny” is in fiction and fantasy. And though we may not take such a word literally in every day life, its weight on fiction throughout the ages is very real. Just to give you an idea . . . ItContinue reading “How to Successfully Write About “Destiny””

What Star Wars Has Told Us About Writing

Yes, in 2019, I watched Star Wars for the first time ever. For the most part, I liked it a lot. And so I kinda stole this idea from a post Anna did a long time ago. 😉 WRITING ACCORDING TO STAR WARS When you get a new book idea: 2. When you can’t evenContinue reading “What Star Wars Has Told Us About Writing”

What Writing Taught Me About Editing

Check out my editing services today! So, a lot of my experience in editing comes from my own writing. Working alongside editors showed me the process, and watching my own work be transformed was a huge stepping stone for me to start editing for others. YOU’LL NEVER FINISH. That’s the sad truth of editing, especiallyContinue reading “What Writing Taught Me About Editing”

You Probably Noticed the Blog Makeover . . . Here’s What’s Up

So you might have noticed there’s a totally new look on the blog, and I want to tell you guys a bit about what’s going on. *takes time she doesn’t have out of her day to write this post* Okay, life-hack alert: When you’re getting ready to go to college, it’s a good idea toContinue reading “You Probably Noticed the Blog Makeover . . . Here’s What’s Up”

I Bid You All a Very Fond Farewell . . .

Hey, people! Just dropping in to let you know, well, I’m taking a vacation. From blogging. Leastwise, from blogging on this blog and my dog training blog. Because I had the crazy idea to start a third blog, called A Need to Breathe, and it has murdered my blogging schedule. Then I was sick forContinue reading “I Bid You All a Very Fond Farewell . . .”

It’s Not Enough to Just Survive (a writing update)

Hey, everyone. I’m dropping in to share something I wouldn’t have shared if it hadn’t been getting such a good response from the blogging and social media world. In short, I wrote a guest post recently (which, if you follow my dog training blog, you already know) about dealing with severe food allergies as aContinue reading “It’s Not Enough to Just Survive (a writing update)”

I’m Alive! Let’s Recap . . . (And a writing update!)

Yeaaaah . . . *hides guiltily* I am still alive. But my lack of blogging on both of my blogs might suggest otherwise. What can I say? It’s been an insane month or so. Let’s recap a little. The weather. Blustery winds – gale is more like it – accompanied by freezing temps, snow storms literally everyContinue reading “I’m Alive! Let’s Recap . . . (And a writing update!)”