How to Write Characters With Trauma

There is nothing I like more as a reader than finding a book that does a good job of portraying mental illness in fictional characters (looking at you, Blade of Secrets), but if you haven’t actually experienced the trauma or mental health challenge you’re writing about, it can be hard to do. To help yourselfContinue reading “How to Write Characters With Trauma”

How to Safeguard Your Creativity (when life gets busy)

Being a writer means accepting certain life distractions that can interfere with the creative process. But when life gets especially busy, it can get harder and harder to stay creative. This time of year, for me, is crazy busy – the goats, the garden, the dogs . . . Yeah. Busy. At the same time,Continue reading “How to Safeguard Your Creativity (when life gets busy)”

The Quandary of Your Book’s Ending

If you know me, you know that ending a book is . . . well, not easy. For me, anyway. I didn’t have a problem with the ending for the first draft of Fate of a Prince, but Promised Land? One Light Shining (unpublished)? Oh yeah. The reason the ending of Fate was easy toContinue reading “The Quandary of Your Book’s Ending”

4 Tips on How to Improve Your Story’s Beginning (GUEST POST)

I’m so happy to welcome Lily Keith to the blog today with this great guest post. Make sure to check out her blog at the end.    One day, I started editing the first draft of my WIP.  Something didn’t feel right, but I wasn’t sure why.  So my alpha reader read the first several chapters. Continue reading “4 Tips on How to Improve Your Story’s Beginning (GUEST POST)”

The Role of Music in My Writing

I thought it was high time I did a blog post on this topic, since music is currently playing a bigger role than ever in my writing. Coincidentally, my appreciation and ear for music has also increased since I began creating music videos and listening to a much wider variety of songs. So, what roleContinue reading “The Role of Music in My Writing”

Deconstructing the First Draft (The Writer’s Bane)

Note: The paperback version of my novel Promised Land is now available on Amazon! Let’s face it, most of us consider the first draft to be the worst or one of the worst parts of writing. I know of one or two writers who like the first draft process best of all, but . .Continue reading “Deconstructing the First Draft (The Writer’s Bane)”

How to Successfully Write About “Destiny”

Let’s talk about destiny. While watching Merlin recently, I noticed how prevalent the idea of “destiny” is in fiction and fantasy. And though we may not take such a word literally in every day life, its weight on fiction throughout the ages is very real. Just to give you an idea . . . ItContinue reading “How to Successfully Write About “Destiny””

What Writing Taught Me About Editing

Check out my editing services today! So, a lot of my experience in editing comes from my own writing. Working alongside editors showed me the process, and watching my own work be transformed was a huge stepping stone for me to start editing for others. YOU’LL NEVER FINISH. That’s the sad truth of editing, especiallyContinue reading “What Writing Taught Me About Editing”

Punctuation Pantry: the Oxford Comma (To Use or Not To Use)

Let me put forth a public apology to my faithful readers who have not heard from this blog in a few weeks. Wanna know why? No, you probably don’t. Suffice it to say, school happened, then driver’s ed happened, then editing happened, then a whole bunch of other stuff happened . . . 🙂 BlogsContinue reading “Punctuation Pantry: the Oxford Comma (To Use or Not To Use)”

Adjectives ‘n’ Adverbs – Friends or Foe to Your Writing?

Okay, I don’t care if you just started writing a week ago, you’ve probably heard rumors of the dissension adjectives and adverbs cause between writers and editors. The plain truth is, every editor I’ve ever heard from speaks against most adjectives and adverbs. Look at this sentence: The growling dog stalked slowly towards the boy’sContinue reading “Adjectives ‘n’ Adverbs – Friends or Foe to Your Writing?”