Winners of the Caption Contest!

I am so excited to share with you guys the winners of our last Caption Contest! The picture for the challenge was: Everyone had such lovely entries – thank you to all the writers! And the winner for the flash fiction entries is . . . . . . . . . . . .Continue reading “Winners of the Caption Contest!”

Moments Like Glass – a Short Story

I thought I’d share another short story with you guys, since the last one seemed popular with everyone. I wrote this for Faithwriters a couple years ago and it came in third. (Next time I’ll choose something more recent.) Enjoy! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “What time is it?” I grit my teeth and pretend not to hear, pretendContinue reading “Moments Like Glass – a Short Story”

Land of Judgment – a short story

I hated the way the other men picked on Papa. He was only doing what he felt sure was right. We were all going the same way, following the same trail – the same dream. They all said the west was the place of new beginnings. Of prosperity. Of dreams come true. That was whatContinue reading “Land of Judgment – a short story”

How to Write Short Stories – and Write Them Well

So, a short story was probably what you specialized in when you started writing. What you called a “book,” if you started as young as I did, was probably a ten-page (tops) short story written in huge font. Sound familiar? You might have started with a little more professionalism than I did, so hats offContinue reading “How to Write Short Stories – and Write Them Well”

You Know You’re a Writer When . . .

We’ve all seen those little notes that begin with “You know you’re a writer when . . .” and the blank is filled, usually with something humorous that you can totally relate to. But what if we just simplified it and said, You know you’re a writer . . . when something inspires you to write. WhatContinue reading “You Know You’re a Writer When . . .”

Home: Where the Goats Roam – a short story

Hello friends! So, I’m taking a short break from the regular blog posts today so I can bring you a recent short story I wrote for Write the World, an online community of young writers, which I would encourage you to check out. This was a piece I wrote at random, but I was pleasantly surprisedContinue reading “Home: Where the Goats Roam – a short story”

Writing From an Unexpected Perspective

It may truly help a story. So, think back to something you might have written from a non-human POV. Was it a tree? A butterfly? A goat? Short stories especially can benefit from placing the POV in the hands – or paws, or talons – of another creature. The whole “if these walls could talk”Continue reading “Writing From an Unexpected Perspective”

Bookish Things – a Review of the Well Spring Series and an Update

Hello, friends! Today we’re delving into the three-book series I recently completed reading, James Rubart’s Well Spring Novels. My review in short? I was left both amazed and refreshed. James’ writing is more brilliant than anything I’ve read in a long time. While in structure I’ll say the dialog was a tad rough in spots, theContinue reading “Bookish Things – a Review of the Well Spring Series and an Update”

A Free Short Story – Enjoy!

Happy Memorial Day to all of you! Today’s post is going to be simple, but since I was running out of ideas – and time – I decided to share something special. And free. And who can resist something free? This special free thing is a recent short story I penned for Faithwriters, under the challengeContinue reading “A Free Short Story – Enjoy!”