You Probably Noticed the Blog Makeover . . . Here’s What’s Up

So you might have noticed there’s a totally new look on the blog, and I want to tell you guys a bit about what’s going on. *takes time she doesn’t have out of her day to write this post* Okay, life-hack alert: When you’re getting ready to go to college, it’s a good idea toContinue reading “You Probably Noticed the Blog Makeover . . . Here’s What’s Up”

Back From MIA (and the TOP TEN SONGS TAG)

Kassie from Soldier Girl Stories created this really cool tag and left the nominations wide open! (So I stole it. Hehe . . .) (Yes, I’m back from MIA. But if you follow A Need to Breathe, you know I haven’t really been MIA, I’ve just been busy with another blog.) Rules for the tag:Continue reading “Back From MIA (and the TOP TEN SONGS TAG)”

I Bid You All a Very Fond Farewell . . .

Hey, people! Just dropping in to let you know, well, I’m taking a vacation. From blogging. Leastwise, from blogging on this blog and my dog training blog. Because I had the crazy idea to start a third blog, called A Need to Breathe, and it has murdered my blogging schedule. Then I was sick forContinue reading “I Bid You All a Very Fond Farewell . . .”

Blogging Updates, Changes, and a Party

So . . . yeah. Big changes coming to the blogging world. Or at least, my blogging world. 😉 Mainly because I started a new blog (“you wwhhaatt?” That’s what I said. Ask my evil clone.) and this one is going to take a lot of time/research/attention to get off the ground. A NEED TO BREATHE I’d likeContinue reading “Blogging Updates, Changes, and a Party”

It’s Not Enough to Just Survive (a writing update)

Hey, everyone. I’m dropping in to share something I wouldn’t have shared if it hadn’t been getting such a good response from the blogging and social media world. In short, I wrote a guest post recently (which, if you follow my dog training blog, you already know) about dealing with severe food allergies as aContinue reading “It’s Not Enough to Just Survive (a writing update)”

I’m Alive! Let’s Recap . . . (And a writing update!)

Yeaaaah . . . *hides guiltily* I am still alive. But my lack of blogging on both of my blogs might suggest otherwise. What can I say? It’s been an insane month or so. Let’s recap a little. The weather. Blustery winds – gale is more like it – accompanied by freezing temps, snow storms literally everyContinue reading “I’m Alive! Let’s Recap . . . (And a writing update!)”

I Did a Guest Post! Don’t Miss It.

I did my first guest post ever. 🙂 So if you’re interested in dogs or farming or a mini writing update, take a look: Check out the post here. The mini writing update is at the bottom of the post. More info to follow. Go ahead and subscribe to the Ants in the Pantry newsletterContinue reading “I Did a Guest Post! Don’t Miss It.”

Welcome to the Kaleidoscope Tag!

So, if you’ve been around this blog for a while, you know I kinda like tags. And the Kaleidoscope tag will be the second I’ve created myself. This is a tag geared towards books and movies. Who can resist? So grab your favorite reading snack and pull up a chair. RULES Link back to theContinue reading “Welcome to the Kaleidoscope Tag!”