In Which the Hare Won the Race

Who won, the tortoise or the hare? Of course, the tortoise won, and we all know the moral of the story. But what do you suppose the hare was thinking while the spectators were congratulating the tortoise on his astonishing and inimitable victory? Mr. Hare could have handled the defeat in two ways. He couldContinue reading “In Which the Hare Won the Race”

That Story That Changes Everything

Most of us have had some encounter with a story that challenged and changed us, even just a wee bit. But I think for writers, experiences such as this are even more important. In-person meetings, a character in a book, a movie, all of these are tools we can use to fashion our craft –Continue reading “That Story That Changes Everything”

A Beautiful Discovery . . .

One morning, I woke up early, around 5:15, and I didn’t want to fall back asleep for fear I would oversleep. So, after lying there for a while, debating what would keep me awake for the next forty-five minutes, I got up and started writing. And I have done the same every morning since then.Continue reading “A Beautiful Discovery . . .”

What Star Wars Has Told Us About Writing

Yes, in 2019, I watched Star Wars for the first time ever. For the most part, I liked it a lot. And so I kinda stole this idea from a post Anna did a long time ago. 😉 WRITING ACCORDING TO STAR WARS When you get a new book idea: 2. When you can’t evenContinue reading “What Star Wars Has Told Us About Writing”

How Not to Stick to Your Blogging Schedule When Puppies Take Over Your Life

I fished through a lot of possible titles for this blog post. “When Puppies Mess Up Your Blogging Schedule,” “When Puppies Take Over Your Life,” “How Not to Stress About Your Blogging Schedule” . . . But you get the idea, don’t you? PUPPIES HAVE TAKEN OVER MY LIFE! Okay, so they’re cute puppies, butContinue reading “How Not to Stick to Your Blogging Schedule When Puppies Take Over Your Life”

Writing Non-Fiction (and an exciting update)

So, yes, school has utterly annihilated my blogging schedule. Yep. *sheepish grin* I’m terribly sorry . . . but I have an exciting announcement at the end of this blog post that I believe we’ll all find fortuitous. 🙂 Anyway . . . let’s talk about writing, shall we? Okay, how many of you have ever read orContinue reading “Writing Non-Fiction (and an exciting update)”

Exciting News – Blog Launching – the Diary of a Teenage Prepper

We’ve got some exciting news circulating today. I’ve launched a second blog, this one dedicated to my “diary” of our homesteading journey. The original, this one, will remain completely active for my writing, but I will be posting once weekly, on every Thursday. Our blog series, Musings of a Goat Herdess, will be transferred to the newContinue reading “Exciting News – Blog Launching – the Diary of a Teenage Prepper”

Confessions of an Author and Farmer

(Update: You can now follow the Musings of a Goat Herdess series on this blog. For more information: WIPs) We all have retractions in one area or another of our lives. That’s what we’re hearing today. Some of you will know that I’ve recently completed the first draft of my YA portal fantasy. The planContinue reading “Confessions of an Author and Farmer”