Writing Non-Fiction (and an exciting update)

So, yes, school has utterly annihilated my blogging schedule. Yep. *sheepish grin* I’m terribly sorry . . . but I have an exciting announcement at the end of this blog post that I believe we’ll all find fortuitous. 🙂 Anyway . . . let’s talk about writing, shall we?

Okay, how many of you have ever read or written non-fiction? Show of hands? Non-fiction is good to read, but can be difficult to write. There’s a balance that should be found in the flow, a readability that comes across easily to a reader. And of course, don’t exaggerate. 🙂 . . . Too much . . .

But suppose you’re doing a more “real-life” sort of non-fiction, like the following piece written prior to a fundraising event for an agriculture program:

“Stewardship” is essentially taking care of something considered worth protecting. Think about it. We protect heirloom seeds. We preserve heritage livestock. We save household antiques! We have become stewards of these things. Why? Because we have made the decision that they are worth protecting for today and tomorrow and the next generation. My vision for Stewardship is the same, only rather than preserving a breed of heritage livestock, Stewardship preserves a way of life. A way of raising the animal that returns the entire farm to sustainability. Educating the people, empowering the farmer, restoring the herd . . . 

That is stewardship.

This piece was intended to capture attention. Did it succeed? Did it draw you in? I’m genuinely asking you these questions,  because . . . I’m the author of that piece up there. 🙂 Yep. That’s the announcement. I’m a hair’s breath from launching an agricultural program from the family farm which will proceed with the vision outlined in that paragraph. That was a snippet from the soon-to-be-published website,  which I will link here by Friday.

In addition, there’s an important reason that I am announcing this. Next month I will be launching a GoFundMe campaign for this project. You can find lots more information and updates here, on my new blog. I will also be adding numerous updates via this blog, so get prepared.

Also, please get prepared to join the movement. Stewardship is a quest to revolutionize the small farm in a way that will feed our families and our communities for generations to come. This GoFundMe campaign is the launching pad for this project. We can’t do it without you, my friend. Let’s make a difference. Together.

Until next time! Tell me what you think. Have any questions? Let’s start the conversation . . . and change the world.


Exciting News – Blog Launching – the Diary of a Teenage Prepper

We’ve got some exciting news circulating today. I’ve launched a second blog, this one dedicated to my “diary” of our homesteading journey. The original, this one, will remain completely active for my writing, but I will be posting once weekly, on every Thursday. Our blog series, Musings of a Goat Herdess, will be transferred to the new blog.

I encourage you to check out and share Diary of a Teenage Prepper!

The unique thing about the diary, is that it documents the journey of a sustainable homestead from a teenager’s prospective. I hope it will inspire its audience and shine a light for those searching.

Want to show your support? I’d welcome it! If you’re interested in helping launch Diary of a Teenage Prepper, please become a follower and/or recommend the blog to friends. Leave a comment with your honest feedback, or like the posts that interest you. Whatever the form it takes, your support is so much appreciated!

I’ll be doing a follow-up post for this on Thursday, and from there I will enact the weekly blogging schedule. If you are curious, the diary will be updated anywhere from daily to weekly, depending on what’s happenin’ on the homestead. 🙂

Thank you all in advance for helping to launch this new blog, and thank you all very, very much for the support you’ve already shown in my launching of this blog.

Tell me – what sorts of things do you hope to see on either of these blogs? What writing- or reading-centered posts do you like best? What homesteading posts? Your feedback is invaluable!

Don’t forget, drop by at the Diary of a Teenage Prepper today! HERE

Confessions of an Author and Farmer

(Update: You can now follow the Musings of a Goat Herdess series on this blog. For more information: WIPs)

We all have retractions in one area or another of our lives. That’s what we’re hearing today. Some of you will know that I’ve recently completed the first draft of my YA portal fantasy. The plan was, of course, to push through and get to work on the second draft. There have been some . . . changes to the technicalities of that plan. Allow me to explain. I think you’ll be excited with me by the end. 🙂


“To everything there is a season,” says Ecclesiastes. The past five years of writing have been like one long season. I’ve learned so much, grown in so many ways. I thought I knew the direction God wanted me to take – to reach people through writing fantasy and historical, and the offshoots of those genres. And maybe that will be a factor of my work later on – in fact, I believe it will be. But to everything there is a season. And things are changing just a bit for this one.


I’m a total diehard. According to the dictionary, “a person who vigorously maintains or defends a seemingly hopeless position, outdated attitude, lost cause, or the like.” And, well, farming is a lost cause. Somewhere around 2% of the American population is involved in agriculture. But really, that’s just nuts. All our food coming from massive corporations, small farms dying faster than drone bees . . .

But that’s a lecture for another day. 🙂


You’re probably waiting for me to stop chatting and get to the point. Okay, okay.

I’ve had this idea before, but never has it taken root. When I was talking with my mom a few days ago, it clicked. You’re going to start seeing something of a blog series appear here, though not in order of the chapters I’m currently writing, as I plan is to publish the novella I’m now working on. This manuscript is non-fiction, and fairly simple, entitled, Musings of a Goat Herdess.

I am, if you couldn’t guess, the goat herdess of our farm. It is a task I’m somewhat new to, though we have had goats for years on the homestead. Now I’m putting the hours spent with the nomadic caprine herd to print. This project is only a few short chapters underway, but the joy I’ve found in sharing such a special thing is immeasurable. Maybe you have little or no experience with goats or farming, but that’s okay. I hope you’ll be able to follow this project anyway.


I will be posting the first chapter of Musings of a Goat Herdess on this blog in three days (my next post). I’ll do a brief recap on what I’ve covered here, and as well, you’ll see a new page appear on this site where all this information and more, including projected release, cover design when available, synopsis, and more will be available. So please, dear friend, follow this adventure! In the simplest thing of the “nomadic goat,” as I’m calling this project, I’ve found such peace, such joy, such hope. I know you will be as refreshed as I have found myself.

So don’t forget, the first chapter will be here in only three days, and the designated page will follow this announcement as soon as possible.

As for my previous WIP, One Light Shining, I don’t have an answer on that yet. I’ll be taking it to prayer. I want to make sure I know what the best move would be right now. However, for now, you’ll be hearing more about Musings of a Goat Herdess than the portal fantasy.

If you’d like to learn more, just comment! I’m happy to talk goat. And writing. And goat. And writing. And more goats and writing . . .

Ta ta for now, my friends! Keep an eye out for chapter one and the exciting new page for more details. 🙂