New Novel News! WIP Update #1

Guys, I am SO excited for today’s post. I’ve been wanting to announce this since before I released Promised Land, but PL had to be center stage for a while, so I waited. After, like, two years of not writing anything of any value . . . I’m writing a new book. *cue angel chorus*Continue reading “New Novel News! WIP Update #1”

Is There Such a Thing as Reader’s Block?

Confession: I haven’t finished reading a single book in at least two years. 🤦‍♀️ It’s true. For some reason, I just couldn’t sit down and finish reading anything. Maybe this was in some weird way connected to the fact that I also wasn’t finishing Promised Land, even though it was ready. Writer’s block. Reader’s block (shh,Continue reading “Is There Such a Thing as Reader’s Block?”

Promised Land COVER REVEAL!

You guys, guess what showed up for pre-order . . . Promised Land! I’m so happy to be at this point with this book. Go grab your Kindle copy early: pre-order here >> But first . . . . . . get ready to see the cover. The wonderful Cheyenne deserves all the credit forContinue reading “Promised Land COVER REVEAL!”

The Audacity of Writing

WRITING: verb. The exhausting process of exercising your brain until it melts into puddles of incoherent ramblings. Who would ever want to be a writer? Writing is a creative outlet, just like art or digital editing or videography. And like any good creative outlet, it stretches your brain. A lot. But, warning, writing comes withContinue reading “The Audacity of Writing”

The Day I Started Writing . . . (plus a surprise!)

Do I remember the exact day I started writing? Of course, not. 😉 Probably because I was so young and I “started” by dictating nonsensical stories to my parents for them to write down until their fingers fell off (not literally). But I do remember the first “book” that I wrote. My cousin was overContinue reading “The Day I Started Writing . . . (plus a surprise!)”

Why I Write Fantasy

Every writer has their favorite genre. We all have strengths and weaknesses in our craft. Those weaknesses are not to be ashamed of, because every author brings something new (and necessary) to the table. So, why fantasy? I’ve been asking myself this question lately. Because I love other genres, as well, like historical fiction andContinue reading “Why I Write Fantasy”

Character Sketch: Talia from “Promised Land”

I’m so excited to be starting a new blog series for my two WIPs. “Character sketch” posts will highlight a different character from each book, introducing them to future readers. 🙂 Without further ado . . . Meet Talia. Age: 16Role: ProtagonistBook: Promised Land Talia was a very different protagonist from any I’ve written before.Continue reading “Character Sketch: Talia from “Promised Land””

How to Successfully Write About “Destiny”

Let’s talk about destiny. While watching Merlin recently, I noticed how prevalent the idea of “destiny” is in fiction and fantasy. And though we may not take such a word literally in every day life, its weight on fiction throughout the ages is very real. Just to give you an idea . . . ItContinue reading “How to Successfully Write About “Destiny””


I’m so excited for this, guys! Tricia Mingerink is releasing NEW COVERS for the Blades of Acktar Series! I’m a huge fan of the series and I loved all the covers. But this new cover for Dare, well . . . it’s kinda awesome. 😉 Ready to see the new cover? ……. ……. ……. ProcrastinatesContinue reading “DARE COVER REVEAL!”

What to Know When You’re Searching for an Editor

Finishing my book Promised Land has taught me a lot about the editing process, and apparently, I didn’t know much about it beforehand. I’m excited to share these tips with you today! The editing process is so crucial for your story (and your future as a writer), but there are many dimensions to this processContinue reading “What to Know When You’re Searching for an Editor”