Well, I Read the Book.

I read 500 pages in, like, five days, so, that was fun. I was so excited to read Daican’s Heir, the sixth and final book in the Ilyon Chronicles Series. This series has been hugely impactful in my writing for a very long time. I’m pretty sure I picked it up before book 3 wasContinue reading “Well, I Read the Book.”

Every Writer Should Read This Book

There was this book I started reading a few months ago, then quit. (I’m horrible like that.) I don’t know why I did, but I know I got a feeling for the emotional roller coaster that was coming, and I didn’t want to get so invested in the characters. (And I call myself a writer.Continue reading “Every Writer Should Read This Book”

Is There Such a Thing as Reader’s Block?

Confession: I haven’t finished reading a single book in at least two years. 🤦‍♀️ It’s true. For some reason, I just couldn’t sit down and finish reading anything. Maybe this was in some weird way connected to the fact that I also wasn’t finishing Promised Land, even though it was ready. Writer’s block. Reader’s block (shh,Continue reading “Is There Such a Thing as Reader’s Block?”

Promised Land RELEASE DAY!

I. Am. Celebrating. I’ve done it. Published a book. And yes, I’m stressing about how it’s going to go, what people are going to think, WHAT IF I MISSED TYPOS?!?!?! (Don’t worry, I had beta readers. There shouldn’t be *cough* too many *cough*.) 😉 But it’s okay to be stressing about it, because most ofContinue reading “Promised Land RELEASE DAY!”

A Shaft of Light BOOK RELEASE and REVIEW!

It’s an unconventional blog tour, but I’m happy to announce my mom’s debut mystery/inspirational novel, A Shaft of Light, is AVAILABLE on Amazon! And even though we would all rather hold a book in our hands, A Shaft of Light is ALSO available for FREE on Kindle. 🙂 🙂 (Does it get any better?) ABOUTContinue reading “A Shaft of Light BOOK RELEASE and REVIEW!”

Folks . . . We Have a Release Date. *drumroll*

*drumroll* Folks . . . it’s real. We have a release date for my mother’s debut novel!! I’m so excited to have been part of this book, from the editing to the publication, and now, the blog tour. You can find this same information and the sign-up on her blog (don’t worry, there’s a sign-upContinue reading “Folks . . . We Have a Release Date. *drumroll*”

7 Winter Reads To Chase Away the Cold!

Oh, winter is a time for reading! (So she says while she isn’t currently reading a thing.) Hey, I’m editing. That’s a valid excuse. 🙂 But you don’t have that excuse. So here are seven awesome books you should totally be reading this winter. BITTER WINTER (Jaye L Knight) 🙂 I haven’t read it yet,Continue reading “7 Winter Reads To Chase Away the Cold!”

Ilyon Chronicles and Blades of Acktar Blog Tour! (and book review)

This is going to be a crazy fun blog tour! Wanna know why? ‘Cause I’m totally panicking right now ’cause I totally forgot about this post today. Because two of my three favorite authors ever are releasing their new books together! So seriously, check out these awesome books. I’m so excited to be part ofContinue reading “Ilyon Chronicles and Blades of Acktar Blog Tour! (and book review)”

Bookish Things – a Review of Beyond the Bright Sea

I don’t do many book reviews on here, but when you read a book like Beyond the Bright Sea (Lauren Wolk), it’s hard to resist. A friend recommended this book, and I picked it up at the library. As it was a middle-grade story, I wasn’t entirely sure how I would enjoy it. But any doubts IContinue reading “Bookish Things – a Review of Beyond the Bright Sea”

Ladies and Gentlemen . . . it’s a Blog Tour

Yes, indeed. Today is the day we celebrate the release of Tricia Mingerink’s and Sarah Addison-Fox’s newest books. My participation is going to focus on Tricia’s book, but I’ll have the schedule for the tour posted at the end, so you can take a look around! Cool titles, right? And two seriously enchanting covers. Wow.Continue reading “Ladies and Gentlemen . . . it’s a Blog Tour”