Never Have I Ever Tag – Writer Edition

Hailey recently tagged me for this terrific tag, which I’m so excited to do. Thanks, Hailey!

Graphic from Bree at The Long Voyage:


  • Link and thank the blogger who tagged you.
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  • Answer the questions truthfully and honestly.
  • Tag 3 bloggers.


. . . started a novel that I didn’t finish.

Umm . . . hasn’t everyone? I could fill a library with the number of books I’ve started and not finished.

Confused Star Wars GIF

. . . written a story completely by hand.

Actually, I have. Short stories. And half of a book. (But we won’t talk about that one. *cough* Moving on.)

…changed tenses midway through a story.

In typos, probably, but not for a whole paragraph or anything like that. Though I have switched from third person to first and vice versa on multiple occasions. 🙄

…not researched anything before starting a story.

Research? What research? When do I ever do research? 😉 Seriously, I’m horrible at that. Don’t ever ask me to write a book about a crime mystery or a detective or anything like that.

…changed my protagonist’s name halfway through a draft.

Episode 2 Jedi GIF by Star Wars

NOOOOO!!!! ‘Tis the worst sort of crime! Once my characters have names, the names stay. Period.

…written a story in a month or less.

YES! For NaNoWriMo several years ago.

…fallen asleep while writing


…corrected someone’s grammar IRL/online?

Yes. Yes, I have.

Melrin & Gaius gif set | Merlin fandom, Merlin cast, Merlin

…yelled in all caps at myself in the middle of my novel.

Um . . . no, I don’t think so. Maybe in my head, but not on paper.

…used “I’m writing” as an excuse.

Merlin GIFs | Tenor

😉 I mean, why not?

…killed a character that was based on someone I know in real life.

Ha ha! Wish I could plead guilty, but I’m innocent. *considers carefully* *considers some more*

…used pop culture references in a story.

Maybe . . . once? Not actually sure on this one. Mostly I write fantasy so . . . *shrugs*

…written between the hours of 1 a.m. and 6 a.m.

Ah, the blissful morning hours when there is nothing to be done and it’s too dark to get up and the house is quiet and I can sit with my word processor and not even be disturbed by the dogs . . .

Episode 7 Yes GIF by Star Wars

…drank an entire pot of coffee while writing.

Ha ha – no.

…written down dreams to use in potential novels.

Like, only last week? Doesn’t happen often – at. all. But once in a great while, it does. I keep waiting for one of those dreams to turn into a published novel.

…published an unedited story on the internet/blog/Wattpad.

Yes – at least, fairly unedited.

…procrastinated homework because I wanted to write.

declaration of independence GIF

Yes. *hides*

…typed so long that my wrists hurt.

Um, not that I can remember?

…spilled a drink on my laptop while writing.

Thankfully, no.

…forgotten to save my work/draft

All my stuff auto-saves, so also no.

…finished a novel.

Behold! Promised Land! (<Click da link.)

…laughed like an evil villain while writing a scene.

Ohhh . . . yessss . . .

happy star wars GIF

…cried while writing a scene.

No. I don’t even cry while watching emotional movies. *shrugs*

…created maps of my fictional worlds.

Just did this for the first time with Fate of a Prince. Had to keep directions straight somehow.

…researched something shady for a novel.

Define “shady.”

The Hobbit Leave GIF by Artist Collective

Well, that’s a wrap! That was fun.

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