A Beautiful Discovery . . .

One morning, I woke up early, around 5:15, and I didn’t want to fall back asleep for fear I would oversleep. So, after lying there for a while, debating what would keep me awake for the next forty-five minutes, I got up and started writing.

And I have done the same every morning since then. I crawl out of bed at 5:30, open the curtains, and write while wrapped up in a blanket on my bed.

Not only has this helped me to get work done amid the craziness that is springtime on a farm, but it has led me to a beautiful – and humbling – discovery about why I write.

Writing feeds my soul. It nourishes a need for creativity, a need to create. On a purely practical level, it sets me up brilliantly to handle the rest of the day. Why? Well, as many writers can attest, we write because we have to – because there is a wellspring bubbling up inside us that needs an outlet. And because the world that we create within the pages is a world we can control.

When life is overwhelming, we’re reminded of the characters whose destinies are in our hands. When our own destinies spin out of control, the rhythm of the stories, the order of the written word, strengthens us.

Starting my day with writing often builds me up, leaving me better equipped to handle the things I can’t control. When I write at such an early hour, nothing else exists – and nothing can hinder the sacred act of creation.

What does writing mean for you? Do you start or end your day with it? Let’s chat!


Published by Hannah Gaudette

Hannah Gaudette is a home-school graduate living in the hills of New England. When she’s not writing or playing with the dogs, it’s a safe bet you can find her with some other animal, like goats. She is the founder of a sustainable agriculture movement called STEWARDSHIP in central Maine. She's a life-enthusiast and advocate for food allergy awareness, youth ministry, and service dogs.

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