The Voted Most Likely Tag

So, for the first time in a while, we have a tag on here. Fun!

Rule One – Thank the wonderful person who tagged you . . .  But then, I tagged myself, so . . .  I’ll just have to link to Kinsey’s blog, since I found it there. 🙂 Thank you, friend.

Rule Two – Include this link ( in your post, because she created the tag.

Rule Three – Use your OWN original characters for the tag! Don’t use a friend’s characters or the characters from your favorite fandoms. Your characters can come from any project, just so long as you’re the one who created them.

Rule Four – Tag at least four blog friends to do the tag.

Ready? Good.

Your character most likely to be a poet

Poet? Seriously? Yikes. Okay, probably Amberly from One Light Shining, since she really loves nature and photography and such.

Most likely to dance in the rain

Ah! Nan from my new book Promised Land. Short bio: She’s spirited, fun, and resilient. And she’d be the first to dance in the rain. 🙂

Most likely to look good in a kilt

A kilt? Who thought of this? Since a kilt is kind of old-fashioned, I’m going to say either Cade or Elian from One Light Shining. But don’t tell them, please.

Most likely to get punched in the face

I’d have to say Logan from Ashes Remain. Not by anyone who knows him, and simply because he sometimes would come across as clueless and annoying. (He’s not either one, but he might seem that way at times.)

Most likely to drop everything and become a sheep herder


Owen, from Promised Land. He’s, like, so far above “sheep herders” in social status, but under different circumstances, I can totally see him dropping everything to become one.

Most likely to be found in a library

Should I say Aros from Promised Land simply because he is often in his library? But then, so is Corwin from One Light Shining. On second thought, they don’t count. Talia from Promised Land, if she had regular access to a library.

Most likely to sleep through an earthquake

I want to say Issac (Promised Land). But that just doesn’t really fit him, so I’ll say (again) Logan from Ashes Remain.

Most likely to steal food from other people’s plate

Hmm . . .  I’d have to say Kierra from Ashes Remain. She would do it with a smile, but I think she would still do it. 🙂

Most likely to cheat on a test

Seriously? I think Aaron (Promised Land). Not under normal circumstances, but under serious pressure he would/might.

Most likely to say “oops” after setting something on fire

Andrew from One Light Shining. He’d feel terrible, but first he’d say . . . “Oops.”

Most likely to open an orphanage

Either Talia or Nan from Promised Land . . .  Nope, definitely Nan.

Most likely to run off with the circus

Katrina (One Light Shining). At the onset of the story, anyway. She’s insecure and unpredictable.

Most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse

Logan (Ashes Remain). He probably knows all the tricks for killing a zombie.

Most likely to fake their own death

I’ve never written a character, I don’t think, who would do that just for the sake of scaring people. However, I think Corwin from One Light Shining would have good reason to do it . . . and Promised Land contains a character who did do it. Again, for legitimate reasons. That character I shan’t name. You will just have to read the book. 🙂

Most likely to die and haunt their friends

???????? Um . . . . . I DON’T KNOW.


So there you are, folks! I tag:




Ann Marie

Have fun, guys! Oh, and if you weren’t tagged and you want to do it, do it anyway. As long as you leave a link and let me haunt your blog. 😉 Just kidding. But please, leave a link. I love blog tags! (Most of the time.)


So, which of your characters might drop everything to be a sheep herder? Which one is most likely to get punched in the face? Let me know which of these questions made you go, “Oh, that sounds like . . .” Let’s chat in the comments!


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Hannah Gaudette is a home-school graduate living in the hills of New England. When she’s not writing or playing with the dogs, it’s a safe bet you can find her with some other animal, like goats. She is the founder of a sustainable agriculture movement called STEWARDSHIP in central Maine. She's a life-enthusiast and advocate for food allergy awareness, youth ministry, and service dogs.

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