A Book Update and Possibilities!

We’ve got a book update! Hurrah! You’re all invited to the pizza party.

Okay, I’ll cut to the chase. I have finished the first round of editing for my fantasy novella, Promised Land. In fact, my critique partner finished reading it, and along with her suggestions for further edits, she liked it! That’s encouraging. All in all, it doesn’t need a ton of work that we can see. And I like my book for a change. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Usually, I find reasons to all but throw it away. *cringe*

But to celebrate, I’ve arranged a few snippets. ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy! And please, let me know which you like best.



Further snippets:

Running low, Clarke Creek splashed under our horsesโ€™ hooves, and I heard Fraeda laugh as it soaked through her stockings. Aaron good-naturedly threatened to throw Issac into the water after their horses nearly collided.

And . . .

Looking at those waves, I could not imagine one living so close to them. Yet in their destructive strength and cold gray-blue ferocity, there was a certain beauty, too. They were like the mountains, these waters. Powerful, redoubtable, but full of mystery and hope.

I turned my gaze back to the governor’s home, and I determined that it was built by men as redoubtably as Adonai built the sea.

So there you have it, folks! Another book update comes to a close, and now I must chose whether to write the first draft of a new project – no spoilers here! – for NaNoWriMo, or dive back into Promised Land for the edits. Decisions, decisions . . .

Also, as we move into the holiday season, I’m looking at some new possibilities for blogging come New Year’s. Namely, I’d like to be able to host one or two writing contests for short stories. ๐Ÿ™‚ However, I don’t know if I’ll have enough of a following to do so, so if I can get some opinions on this, I’d appreciate it.

Meantime, back to the editing! Or . . . NaNo. Argh! Too many book ideas!

So, are you doing NaNo this year? Do you have a WIP underway? If you’ve been following Promised Land’s progress, what do you think so far? I’ll need participants when I get around to publishing this thing. ๐Ÿ™‚ย  Let’s chat in the comments!


Published by Hannah Gaudette

Hannah Gaudette is a home-school graduate living in the hills of New England. When sheโ€™s not writing or playing with the dogs, itโ€™s a safe bet you can find her with some other animal, like goats. She is the founder of a sustainable agriculture movement called STEWARDSHIP in central Maine. She's a life-enthusiast and advocate for food allergy awareness, youth ministry, and service dogs.

9 thoughts on “A Book Update and Possibilities!

  1. I like all your snippets! But my favorites is the first and the one about the sea – so beautiful! =D I’m super excited for your book to be released! (I’d definitely be up for helping with it’s release!!!)
    Also, about the story contests. . . DO IT!!!!!! Lol, yes, I think you should, and if you’re worried about not having enough people, then try teaming up with some of the other bloggers.

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