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Big News – There’s a New Addition to Our Family.

Ookkaayy, so as you might recall from my last post, I hinted that there was going to be a big announcement on Monday. Alas, Monday is here! And just like an evil author, I’m going to make you wait for it. (Even though I did kinda spoil it in the title of this post.)

. . . .


Keep going.


. . . .


Keep going!


. . . .


. . . .


. . . .


Me and Phoenix. This was taken two weeks ago when we first met her. But we didn’t bring her home till this weekend. You can see how much she’s changed in two weeks.

*throws confetti for Monday and puppies*

So, unless there’s something wrong and you weren’t able to see that picture up there, you’ve just been introduced to the newest member of our family – an eight-week-old Goldendoodle puppy named . . . ready? . . . Phoenix.

No, I did not name her after the city of Phoenix, I named her for the ancient myth that says there’s a bird that rises from the ashes of a fire. I thought it fitting, based on the circumstances through which we brought this little girl home.

There have been a lot of changes on the family farm. Actually, we were forced to sell our entire herd of goats because of my allergies to the barn, which have just kept getting worse. So, it’s been a fairly difficult spring for all of us. To my whole family, Phoenix is a little beacon of hope – like a message from God saying, “I’ve got this. Wait on Me. Trust.”

“Yes, of course, I know I’m beautiful.”
“Play with me!”

If you were not aware, Goldendoodles are a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. It is said that they inherit the Golden’s eager-to-please personality and the Poodle’s intelligence. Because they are a gentle, keenly intuitive dog, they also make excellent service animals. We’re hoping to raise these dogs, on a small scale. I’d like to train some as service and therapy dogs.

This is a new direction for us, although we did raise Great Pyrenees puppies for a few years after we first moved to the farm. But all that aside, it starts with one little adorable puppy named Phoenix.

She’s extremely well-adjusted and adaptable. She wants our older dog, Izzy, to play with her, and, well, that’s not going so well. 🙂 The cats are having the most difficult time with it. They had a very secure balance between the three of them and Izzy, who is extremely patient and gentle with the cats – because they leave her alone and she can approach them on her terms.

Because we did raise Great Pyrenees, we had a point of reference to observe Phoenix. Interestingly, she far more dependent than the Pyrenees puppies were, and, frankly, she’s smarter. 🙂

Right now, little Phoenix is sleeping soundly in my room. That’s her spot. Her safe haven. It’s funny to think she’ll have puppies of her own one day. Right now she’s so young, so much a puppy. But thank goodness her potty training is progressing rapidly. 🙂

So, there will be more updates to follow, sprinkled among our regular posts. Anybody want to see more of Phoenix? Check out our farm’s Facebook page. There’s a very popular puppy slideshow on there right now.

Do you have a dog or puppy of your own? Is Phoenix just irresistibly cute? Want to see more of her? (I’m telling you, she was the cutest of the litter.) Let’s chat in the comments!



Hannah Gaudette is a home-school teen living in the hills of New England. When she’s not writing stories or training dogs, it’s a safe bet you can find her with some other animal, like cats. She's a life-enthusiast and advocate for food allergy awareness, youth ministry, and service dogs.

7 thoughts on “Big News – There’s a New Addition to Our Family.

  1. SHE IS SO CUTE!! My parents want to get one like her, but it’s hard to find good breeds in Turkey. Oh, and yes, I’d like to see more pictures of her.


    1. Thanks! I hope you’re able to find one. They’re lovely dogs. It took some time for us to find one that didn’t cost an enormous amount of money, and was still what we were looking for. 🙂 There will be updates to come!


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