3 Ways Villains Justify Evil

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Kate Flournoy, Author

Look guys! I have a lovely guest post from Gabby Pollack, one of Kingdom Pen’s very own writing team members. Check out her blog— she’s really cool.

Without further ado, here is her contribution to the vast and utterly fascinating study of writing villains.

Villains are ordinary people. Or at least, they used to be.

Normal people have soft consciences. They would never dream of murdering innocent citizens, obliterating races, or taking over the world. The guilt would crush them. Average people become villains because their moral compass twisted, letting their consciences ignore the conviction.

It may take a single traumatic event or a long chain of misfortune to skew a villain’s morals. No matter how it happened, a villain’s outer actions change only because his worldview has warped.

Tactic #1: Manipulating Value

Let’s pretend you have a favorite stuffed bear. You’ve cherished this guy since you were three…

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